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Is BJP can able to win again in Madhya Pradesh Elections 2013

Bhartiya Janta Party is ruling in Madhya Pradesh since nine years. There are lots  of rumors spreading around the state and other parts of the country that BJP will struggle in the upcoming election to get re-elected in the election of Assembly polls. We have also predicted about MP Elections Predictions that which party get how many seats as per our research as well as based on various news sources collected by us.

List of Seats won by BJP, Congress and Others in MP Assembly Elections 2009

SN Party Seats
1 Bharatiya Janata Party 228 143 - 30 37.64
2 Indian National Congress 228 71 + 33 32.39
3 Bahujan Samaj Party 228 7 + 5 8.97
4 Bharatiya Jan Shakti Party 201 5 + 5 4.71
5 Independents 3 + 1 8.23
6 Samajwadi Party 187 1 - 6 1.99

There are total 231 members in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly. BJP is the major party and won 143 seats and it is also expected that Indian National Congress will give tough fight. But Uma Bharti has also confidence that BJP will win this upcoming Election of Madhya Pradesh with comfortable majority. Now, time will show which party is going to win MP Assembly (Vidhansabha) Election 2013. Till bookmark this website and get latest updates on the election news, candidates list and much more about the MP Assembly Polls 2013.

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Uma Bharti has confidence that BJP will win MP Assembly Election 2013

Uma Bharti who is Vice President of Bhartiya Janta Party has told that she has confidence that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) will win upcoming election of Madhya Pradesh Vidhansabha later in this year. “There are a number of reasons which make me feel comfortable that the BJP will win the assembly elections without any doubt,” Bharti told PTI. She is also fire brand political leader of Madhya Pradesh BJP and she is also having so much confidence on her work in the state.

Indian National Congress is not in power since 9 (nine) years in Madhya Pradesh. Congress is not able to survive in the state due to without power as told by Uma Bharti. She has also added that Congress can not work as opposition party and live in pathetic condition when they have no power.

Umar Bharti has also added that Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s great and excellent work will show in the upcoming election and they are confident that BJP will win with majority in the state.

When asked question to Uma Bharti on whether she is going to campaign for BJP in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Elections 2013, she has told that it will be decided by the party’s leadership.

Source : Times of India and PTI